For both group and private swim lessons.

If you have any queries regarding changes or payment etc please contact us directly at Oakgrove on 021-4356722

Initially due to COVID we introduced a new system to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

The after effects of COVID mean that there has been a backlog of new swimmers waiting for access to swim lessons. To cope with this in Fridays group lessons, we have added an extra lesson and reduced the lesson time from 40 mins to 35 mins. This shorter duration means we do not have enough turnaround time to keep the changing rooms clean and safe throughout the day. So we decided to keep the basket system in reception operating as it keeps the flow of children going smoothly (less bunching in the changing rooms, etc).

Thanks for your understanding, as the following guidelines are in place:

  • All children must be dropped to the reception door a couple of minutes before their lesson.
  • Due to lack of space there will not be any indoor access for parents / guardians before the lesson begins. If you need special accommodation please contact us at reception in advance. You may access the changing room after the lessons if your child is under the age of 7 and needs help getting changed.
  • Ideally, please ring the reception prior to the lesson with full payment. €130 for group lessons starting on 6th May.
  • Please bring your child dressed and fully ready for their lessons “beach ready / pool ready”.
  • No access to showers after lesson due to turnaround time necessary for cleaning & prep.
  • Masks are optional.

We ask for your full cooperation in this matter to ensure we keep all our clients safe at all times.

Thanks and see you soon.