James Ring

Overhead Squat at CrossFit Oakgrove

I have been training at CrossFit Oakgrove since it opened in April of this year. Before starting I had no idea of what CrossFit was, I had just watched a few videos on YouTube to prepare myself for the first class.

The gym is located close to my office and I wanted to get back into some organised training to supplement my own sports training. Previous to this I had always trained on my own or with a friend off and on throughout the year but I was never able to train consistently or see any tangible results.

I have suffered with Ashtma and Crohn’s Disease for most of my life. After many years of sickness I found that through a combination of exercise and diet that I could manage and control them. I have reached a stage now where I have been symptom and medication free for nearly 10 years. The hardest part of this was always trying to find exercise/workouts that weren’t too monotonous or where I could constantly have goals to work towards to keep my enthusiasm.

Since starting to train at CrossFit Oakgrove I feel stronger, healthier and I have a better attitude towards training in general. I know exactly what I’m doing when I arrive there and I always have goals to work on or previous scores to beat. For the first time I am training consistently and seeing huge leaps in my abilities and performance.

Everyone supports and encourages each other from the coach down to each individual. Diarmuid is a great coach and always finds the right mix of technique, intensity and mobility for each workout.

I will definitely be continuing my training here and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in fitness or general health and wellbeing.

James R.

“It kick starts my heart. I arrive sluggish and leave slim, trim and bursting with energy. Ready to take on the world!”

Because I have lost weight, got fit and improved my lifestyle in a lovely friendly, clean centre with wonderful, professional and friendly staff with a personal touch.

I have been a member of Oakgrove Leisure Centre for the past 10 years, since the first day it opened. Joining Oakgrove was one of the best things I did in my life. It is such a haven when you want to relax and unwind, especially after a Pilates class with Linda. I have made a lot of friends there in the last 10 years, both members and staff. Because the centre permeates a relaxed and happy environment it almost feels like “my other family” when I go there.
The staff past and present are absolutely fantastic – they are so helpful and friendly and are so good in helping to motivate members, which can be hard at times. I must thank especially Linda, Audrey and Martin for all the effort they put into the classes they provide – long may it last. I would also like to mention Ronan and Barbara, we all miss them but wish them well in their future lives. Thanks also to Ann-Marie, Diarmuid and Darek and of course Marguerite and Dan for running the centre so efficiently.
I appreciate the fact that Oakgrove endeavours to maintain the highest standards fo cleanliness and hygiene in all areas, which is very important in a leisure centre. I have enjoyed the last 10 years as a member of Oakgrove – here’s to the next 10!!!

“Members from Day One”
One of the things that sets Oakgrove Leisure Centre apart form any other is its perfect location. Also you cant beat the atmosphere, its very cosy, comfortable and has an overall feeling of hominess, the list could go on. From the first day we met the Morley family, who run Oakgrove, Dan, Marguerite and their three sons, Ronan (who left to get married and lives in Brazil and who’s still missed, Donal and Diarmuid your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism were outstanding and 10 years later its still the same high standards from you all. Well done!! Then there’s the lovely staff, Ann Marie, also their from day one, Linda, Audrey, Martin and Darek are all very helpful, but not intrusive, are there for support, advice or just a laugh!! And we do have lots of laughs here, some days we do more talking in the pool (you know who you are) than swimming, but hey we have made great friends here for life.

Here we are now 10 years older but Oakgrove looks the same as when it opened in 2002. Its very well maintained, kept spotless and nobody will say and different as standards there have never dropped. We send sincere congratulations to everyone involved on celebrating 10 years.
If this special leisure centre is known to you we HIGHLY suggest joining!!!

I have enjoyed ten great years as a member of Oakgrove Leisure Centre. The excellent facilities, the cleanliness but above all the family atmosphere have all contributed so much to my pleasure.

Staff are lovely, its very clean and convenient.