Triathlon Swim Programs

The sport of Triathlon is growing in Ireland as more people enjoy taking on a new fitness challenge. We at Oakgrove provide Swim Lessons (for groupsĀ or private lessons) for everyone looking to improve technique, so you can improve stroke efficiency over longer distance and hence, race times.

banner4Improved Swim Stroke Efficiency leads to better Triathlon performance!

At Oakgrove, we teach triathlete swimmers of all levels to:

  • improve stroke efficiency
  • plan strategy over various event distances
  • master breathing technique
  • erradicate swim stroke flaws that increase drag.

Our Strength and Conditioning facility also allows for strength training and core stability to further improve Triathlon performance.

Give us a call today if you wish to enquire about this service.

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    • Hi, just wondering if swimming lessons for triathlon perpetration is available? If so, how much? How long? What days or is that flexible?


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