Family Fun Day special offers!

Oakgrove is delighted to announce a variety of special offers to members and customers to celebrate our 15th anniversary!

Spinning classes at OakgroveCheck out our special offers page!

We will have membership discounts!

New! Refer-a-Friend offer

15% off 12 month Family membership

10% off all other new memberships at our Family Fun Day

Exercise class booklets: 5 for €30 special offer…

and lastly, to announce our special new training service, Semi-Private Training, we will be giving 20% off to the first few sign-ups!

Looking forward to seeing you at our Family Fun day and then hard at it training in September!

Countdown to Christmas Weight Loss

Have you checked out our new Countdown to Christmas: Weight Loss Membership special offer?

Save €80 on membership and classes by joining our Weight Loss Group for Christmas 2016. Lets face it, there is no time to waste as Christmas really sneaks up quite fast. So why not sign up for this limited special offer and start your weight loss program with us!

Weight loss and membership in Cork leisure centreWhat you get…

  • 10 Nutrition group meet-ups with assessments & measurements, recipes and guidance, and education lectures all geared to helping you lose weight successfully.
  • Access to 10 Pay-As-You-Go classes. We run an excellent group of classes, suitable for Beginners and more experienced gym-goers too. Spin, TRX, TOTAL Strength and Circuits

and thats not all folks….

  • 3 months membership to Oakgrove!

Contact Oakgrove now on 021-4356722. Offer closes on September 11th 2016. First Food Basics discussion is on Monday 5th September at 8pm to get the healthy ball rolling.


New Membership Special Offers


All new membership Special Offers for August and September at Oakgrove Leisure Centre have been announced. Check them out here!

  1. Countdown to Christmas (Weightloss Membership)

    Get €400 worth of membership for just €320 with 3 months membership at Oakgrove, 10 PAYG classes and 10 Nutrition meet-ups that will guide you through a successful weight loss from now to Christmas!

  2. Fitness Kickstart Membership

    Kickstart your fitness this September by joining our Pay As You Go Classes at a discounted rate this September with membership of the pool to boot. Offer closes soon so hurry!

  3. Strength and Conditioning August Offer

    Join into our Strength and Conditioning group this August for a Pay-As-You-Go rate. Top quality group fitness coaching is for best fitness results.


Oakgrove on YouTube

We have started a new YouTube Channel! We aim to add regularly updated content and How To videos to coach you through those difficult movements.

Diarmuid Push Up capture

Find us on YouTube here:

Oakgrove Leisure Centre on YouTube

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Oakgrove Healthy Eating Program 2016

Oakgrove Healthy Eating Program 2016…

…we kick off next Monday 11th Jan @ 8pm.

sweet potatoe chickenWhat the Program provides:

–> a clear and specific set of food rules to follow
–> 4 weekly measurements and feedback sessions
–> 4 Weeks Fat Loss focus
–> 4 Weeks Maintenance guidance (keep it realistic)
–> 7 breakfast, 7 lunch & 7 dinner recipes
–> FREE access to 3 x food education discussions
–> Advice on common pitfalls to avoid

Costs €45. Spaces are Limited. Recipes ready to collect from Friday onwards so you can organise your shopping over the weekend and get prepared!

Diarmuid LinkedIn ProfileThis program has 2 main aims:
1. Help you lose body fat, and keep it off.
2. Education to improve your knowledge and empower you for future progress.

Sign Up at Oakgrove Reception or fire me an email at as soon as possible to book your place.


5 Daily Nutrition Habits for New Year, New You

Welcome to 2015 at Oakgrove Leisure Centre! We hope its going to be a big year for us and all of our members. Many people tend to set their resolutions at about this time of year of course….then wait for next Monday, or when the kids are back at school, or when you go back to work etc before you implement them. Lets get into it right NOW and start back with good habits. But what are the best steps to take? Firstly, here are a few basics to consider if you are looking to shed a few extra pounds.

  • Ditch the “Waste not, want not” attitude and get rid of unhealthy temptations NOW! Half eaten boxes of sweets? Bin them, you don’t need them and neither does anyone else. If they are not matching your goals or new resolutions, then why bother having goals?!
  • Plan your shopping. Plan healthy meals and what ingredients you need. Use recipe books, meal plans, whatever works for you. Even if you just write down 2-3 days of what your healthy meals are going to look like. Also, remember that when you start to shop for healthier foods, they do tend to perish so be prepared to do an extra smaller shop mid-week.
  • Plan your exercise. What classes are you going to hit this week? Have your gear bag packed and text a buddy to come along and help your motivation. All of Oakgrove’s classes (cough cough) re-start this week including Circuits, TRX, TOTAL Strength and Spinning. Feeling better through exercise will help you to improve your food choices. New members now have a Special Offer for the month of January also!

So, onwards to our 5 Daily Nutrition Habits for the New Year and once you’ve thrown out excess Christmas junk food, the first tip should be easier to follow. 1. Decrease Sugar Intake, Increase Veg and Fibre intake. Its important to get your partners / family / housemates involved for any major changes you make. To help you get through those early sugar cravings, try to eat more vegetables and fibre to control your blood sugar levels. Accept that it won’t be easy but many people successfully kick sugar and SO CAN YOU! Have a read of our friend Shane’s blog describing his experience! Plus Eve Schaub on the Year of No Sugar 2. Eat Without Distraction. This can cause a little head scratching. Why eat without any distractions from your phone, newspapers, radio, tv, music, etc? For weight loss clients, this is a particularly important rule. The difference in how much we consume when we are switched on mentally to what (and how much) we are eating can be significant. The key is to be fully aware of your satiety signals…how full are you? Aim to eat to 80-90% full and no more. Ever notice how stuffed you can feel when you eat while distracted…for example you tend to eat until what you are reading is finished, rather than when you are already full. Good nutrition involves a caloric balance, don’t go overboard. Paleo food 3. Use Smaller or Medium Sized Plates for Mealtime. Use visual perception to your advantage. Filling up a large plate vs filling up a medium sized plate can be a hefty decrease in calories over a long period of time…and it won’t effect your enjoyment of mealtime or your perception of how much you have eaten. For the vast majority of people, decreasing your main meal sizes (even by just a small amount) will be a worthwhile activity. Just don’t cheat and pile it higher 🙂  4. Practice a 20 Min “No Food Zone” After your Meal. Finish your medium-sized plate of food for dinner, then don’t touch anything for at least 20 minutes. Research has shown that we don’t receive our ‘full’ signals for some time after eating. So going to grab a treat, desert or seconds immediately after finishing your meal is a bad idea. Wait and feel the fullness come on. Do some clean up instead, go for a walk, anything but more (unnecessary) food. To repeat, eat until 80-90% full only.  5. Drink Alot More Water Water is life. Drinking more water is a sure-fire way to improve your health, and keep you on track with new dietary habits. You will feel fresher, more clear-minded and be better able to perform inside and outside the gym. Forget fancy water intake calculators and complicated equations, the best indicator of whether you are hydrated or not will be your own urine, so keep it in mind and increase the water dosage if it is still yellow-ish. Aim for a clear colour. Hope those tips help. Surround yourself with like-minded people when your trying to change your habits and keep in mind that new habits take time to bed in! If you fall off, just re-start! To summarise:

  1. Eat less sugar and junk. Eat more vegetables and high-fibre foods.
  2. No distractions while you eat! This can have a calming de-stress effect also.
  3. Smaller plates for smaller portions.
  4. Don’t eat anything else for at least 20 mins after your meal.
  5. Drink more water!

If you find that your nutritional issues are more serious and cannot be addressed with the advice above, don’t hesitate to contact a Personal Trainer here at Oakgrove for a more in-depth analysis and help. Thanks for reading and please forward this to anyone who you think may benefit from some sound and simple advice. I will be finishing my Precision Nutrition certification soon and I’m looking forward to implementing some fantastic ideas to help with your nutrition this year. Diarmuid.

Rage on the bar!!!

Hey all,

Just wanted to share a quick lesson learned today. This morning I did a training session, as I often do at 8am after the morning CrossFit class has finished. I enjoy training in the mornings, feel great for the day afterward.

I had last squatted on Saturday previous. I was aiming to do as many reps as possible at 110kg in my last set. I got 4. Which was ok, but something was bugging me afterward. I hadn’t really been aggressive enough. I pretty much ducked out after 4 and was happy with my lot. Lately I’ve been training by myself, though hopefully not for too much longer. When you’re training by yourself you can tend to forget one or two things and it can be harder to focus.

So today I went in with the intention of getting….ANGRIER! You really can’t lift heavy unless you apply some aggression. That might seem like stating the obvious, but its really vital and no harm to be reminded. I got 117.5kg for 2 reps. Not that much more impressive than 110 for 4, but there was no way I would have gotten through the 2 reps on this particular day without really being focused on applying the maximum aggression I could.

So that reminds me of training clients. I like to hear someone let rip and really grunt out loud, getting RAGE ON THE BAR! One great benefit to weights training is the way that we learn to apply aggression in a safe environment…to be forceful and show your strength and determination. Society usually lauds things like dancing and Yoga as great ways to express ourselves physically. But weightlifting is equal to anything, for both men AND women.

So next time you’re at the squat stand let me hear ya before I see ya.


January – Kettlebell Workshop & Project Lean for 2013

Looking forward to January? Hopefully after a relaxing Christmas you’ll be able to hit the ground running in the New Year with 2 new events at Oakgrove Leisure Centre gym. There are limited spaces available for both, book in at Oakgrove reception, or call us on 021-4356722. Email

1) Kettlebell workshop. Saturday 19th January 1-4pm.

  • This 3-hour session will be aimed at novice and intermediate levels of fitness enthusiasts who want to know more about Kettlebell training at Oakgrove.
  • You can learn at your own pace at the session, NO prior fitness training is required.
  • Detailed list of exercises to learn and practice so that you can get the best from this magnificent training tool.
  • Great for conditioning, high intensity workouts, weight loss and strength.
  • Practical advice for adding kettlebells to your own training.
  • BEST OF ALL! A brand new kettlebell is included in the price. So you don’t go home empty-handed 🙂
  • €50 participation fee for 3-hour session, take-home kettlebell and training notes.
  • Open to Oakgrove members and non-members.
  • Personal Trainer Diarmuid Morley (I.T.E.C. Kettlebell Certified)
  • Facebook:

Kettlebell Workshop

2) Project Lean for 2013

  • This event is for those who want to get serious about weight loss in the New Year
  • Learn the secrets to burning fat FAST!
  • Strategies to approach nutrition for fat loss.
  • Regular contact and support
  • Receive a FREE recipe book with healthy meal plans
  • Effective, tough and fun exercise sessions
  • Advice on avoiding common training pitfalls
  • Cost €80 for 2 Weekly Sessions of 1 hour each for 8 weeks; Tuesday’s 7pm & Saturday’s 11am
  • Personal Trainer Diarmuid Morley
  • Facebook:

Project Lean for 2013