Corporate Membership

Corporate membership packages are available to select companies in the following areas:

Mahon, Mahon Point, City Gate, Blackrock, Douglas, Ballinlough, Ballintemple.

Corporate wellness packages are now on offer at Oakgrove Leisure Centre. A healthy lifestyle in a corporate setting leads to an energetic work environment. The benefits to a company whose employees are fit and healthy are many and varied, including:

  • Less employee absenteeism, use of sick days and on-the-job injuries
  • Enhanced team relationships and workplace morale
  • Overall increased productivity and positivity


Healthy Employees = Healthy Organisation.

Health and Fitness for Corporate Employees

Oakgrove Leisure Centre is now offering corporate membership packages. As a business owner or manager, here are the specific benefits to your employees:

  • Improved fitness and lifestyle habits
  • Better concentration levels
  • Increased motivation, day-to-day energy levels and stamina
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Weight loss
  • Improved education about good lifestyle choices related to tobacco and alcohol use, exercise and diet considerations
  • Increased happiness, feelings of camaraderie with co-workers and better self-esteem

 Corporate Wellness Programs on offer from Oakgrove Leisure Centre

1. Membership Packages

Please contact Linda Finn on 021-4356722

2. Bootcamp Class Discounts

Our bootcamp classes are run by our energetic, experienced and skilled trainers. We are renowned for achieving weight loss with significant gains in strength and conditioning for our members and boot camp attendees. These classes are tough but fun and very, very rewarding!

3. On-Site Bootcamp Classes on Tues/Wed/Thurs

Oakgrove offers a corporate wellness program tailored made to suit your organisation. We will deliver training to your employees either in the mornings before work or at a designated lunchtime period.

An employees most common excuse for not exercising is that they can’t find the time and gym memberships are expensive. A corporate ‘wellness program’ defies this way of thinking by bringing the work-out to the employees.


For all packages, Oakgrove offers 3 corporate payment options;
• The company pays the entire cost of training.
• The client pays a percentage of the cost of training with the balance being subsidised by the company.
• The employee pays the entire cost of training.

The benefit of the employee paying some, or all, of the cost is that they become accountable for their own attendance and progress.

In the instance where the company pays the full cost of training the notions of ‘wellness’ and ‘fitness’ become part of the corporate culture. ‘Health’ becomes an essential component to productivity.

Contact us further for specifics relating to the above services.

We are passionate about connecting with your company and employees through fitness and offering the best possible packages (VALUE + QUALITY) to local companies like yours. We have been serving the local area for over 10 years and continue to offer the highest quality in fitness, health and leisure. Pay us a visit during our Open Week, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Hi – I would like enquire about the corporate membership scheme, I am particularly interested in family memberships as well as the payment options you offer, i.e. is there direct debit available, if so how much upfront? My contact number is 086 0435756. Thanks, Jason

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