Teen Strength and Conditioning

We believe passionately that children and teenagers of all ages should be encouraged to exercise regularly. We aim to provide a class that will offer a high level of service, care and attention to 13-17 years olds (inclusive) as a platform for lifelong health and fitness. We have lots of knowledge to share and we hope it can benefit out group for their lifetime!

Teen Strength and Conditioning training

Our aim is to give class goers a solid foundation in exercise and nutrition understanding. We follow safe, effective and proven guidelines for this specific age group. The important bits:

  • We will teach them the basics in bodyweight movements (you would be surprised how often these are performed so poorly!) before they progress to external loading through equipment when the time is right. Everything is supervised by qualified professionals.
  • We will provide them with a solid foundation in strength and discuss the benefits of being strong for confidence, daily function, healthy body and mind, sports performance etc.
  • We aim to include effective fitness or ‘conditioning’ training for their Aerobic energy systems for healthy cardiovascular health, circulation and a foundation for future fitness progression.

The class will involve:

  • A warm up
  • Game
  • Strength / Skill with a constant focus on technique / best practice
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • A cool down / recovery
  • Discussions relating to fitness & nutrition.

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Class is taken by Diarmuid Morley, a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning coach. He holds a CrossFit Kids (including Teens) certification among many other fitness qualifications and 11 years experience in fitness. Diarmuid has taught swimming and fitness Personal Training to Teens for many years also.

Diarmuid will be assisted by Billy O’Regan, an excellent coach and experienced with teenage groups through Rugby and CrossFit.

Details: Every Wednesday at 4pm, starting Wednesday 5th November.

Cost: €40 for 6 sessions 

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