TOTAL Strength

Oakgrove Strength and Conditioning is delighted to offer weekly pay-as-you-go weight lifting classes. This is an excellent service that has been getting fantastic results for members since September 2014. The aims of the class are to:

  • Give trainees the skills to perform basic lifts that will benefit their health for life.
  • Make you stronger and leaner.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of strength and mobility training. We believe that being strong and flexible go hand-in-hand, in fact being inflexible will severely limit your ability to get strong and into better shape.

Gumtree Strength CollageWe are passionate about using weights (starting with your own bodyweight), knowing that it is the fastest route to long-term results in weight-loss, strength and overall health!


12:45pm lunchtime –> Mondays & Fridays

6.00pm after-work –> Mondays & Wednesdays

7.30pm evening –> Tuesdays

11.00am –> Saturdays

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