Open Gym Access

Plus and Regular Oakgrove members now have full access to Open Gym access hours for our top class Strength and Conditioning facility.

kettlebells-main-banner.jpgThat means that our members can follow our main S&C programming on their own time, as well as use our personalised gym programming from our qualified Fitness Instructors. We encourage members to train using a program rather exercise without goals and we have the best equipment to help you do so and reach your goals.

If you’d like a Strength and Conditioning program, don’t hesitate to ask! Our equipment includes:

  • Barbells and bumper plates.
  • Kettlebells, dumbbells and Medicine Balls.
  • Boxes for step-ups, jumps, plyometric training, and weighted single-leg strength work.
  • Foam rollers, self-massage balls and stick.
  • A 12 metre long rig for Pull-Ups, Gymnastic ring work, dips, and squat racks.
  • 6 Squat racks total.
  • 2 Concept 2 rowers
  • High rings for advanced gymnastics skill practice such as muscle-ups, inversions, tucks and levers.
  • 4 flat platforms for weightlifting.
  • Skipping ropes.
  • TRX Suspension training kits

Gumtree Strength CollageWe encourage our members to follow some simple rules, including:

  • Tidy away all equipment you use exactly as you find it.
  • No food or fizzy drinks allowed in the gym
  • Please sign a Gym Rules sheet and return it to our main reception
  • Have a handtowel for your personal use.
  • Use chalk only when necessary for grip
  • Never drop an emtpy barbell. Never drop a barbell with less 5kg bumpers or less on it. If it’s possible to control a weight to the floor, you should.
  • Do not drop kettlebells or dumbbells to the floor. Most especially on the wooden platforms.
  • Safety arms must be used when squatting with racks.
  • Spin bike usage is not allowed, for classes only.

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